Residential Floors

Residential Coatings

Whether this is your first time purchasing a garage floor or you have had a similar coating in the past, we understand that this is an important decision. If you are like most of our customers, you are looking for a High Quality, Long Lasting garage floor that looks great for many years to come. We offer….

  • High quality polyaspartic coatings, professionally installed
  • A wide range of colors & finishes to choose from
  • Additional accents and options to customize your floor
  • Industry-best warranty – Limited Lifetime
  • 4x more scratch / abrasion resistant than epoxies
  • Superior gloss retention & stain resistance
  • UV Neutral – Won’t fade or discolor over time
  • Easy to maintain – Oils and auto fluids wipe right up!
  • Superior heat resistance – won’t lift or stick to “hot tires”

All Polyaspartic Floor Coating system, with full-flake broadcast. We use polyaspartics (not epoxies) in all layers for superior bonding and durability.

RESULTS: Our All-Polyaspartic Floors provide superior Stain Resistance / Scratch & Abrasion Resistance / Gloss Retention / Heat Resistance (won’t lift due to “Hot Tire” effect) / Ease of Maintenance & Cleaning.

BOTTOM LINE: Polyaspartic Floors out perform epoxy and hybrid polymer floors in all major categories.

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