Surface Leveling

Self Leveling compounds 

Quick Dry self leveling cementitious underlayment is the ideal flooring solution for leveling uneven wood or concrete floors.It provides a smooth, crack resistant underlayment surface which can be laid from feather-edge to 3″ in one pour. This underlayment minimizes down time with its quick setting thus allowing for a same day floor covering application (12 hours after underlayment installation ) . Typically within one day ,your floor can be prepped, poured and a new floor covering applied.

There’s no project too small or too large for us to level.

  • Concrete Floor Leveling
  • Plywood Floor Leveling
  • Radiant Heated Floor Leveling

We can go over hard surface tiling like tile or granite to give us a completely new smooth concrete floor without the aggravation of removing the old floor .We do not recommend pouring directly over vinyl tiles . Self-level is the perfect solution for covering in-floor electric heating wires prior to our decorative concrete installation.


Surface Preparation 

Surface preparation is the key component to ensure the successful installation of leveling compound underlayments. It is essential to remove surface contaminates (any bond breakers) and create the correct surface profile. This will provide a solid mechanical bond for the leveling compound, ensuring a sound, solid and stable concrete underlayment. This is a critical step that we keenly pay attention to.


Corrective Measures

It’s unfortunate, however it happens frequently, that some Leveling Companies either do not understand the process of leveling or they simply cut corners. These poor practices often lead to a floor that is more out of level, a floor that will not accept a floor covering, a floor where the leveling compound delaminates or all of the above. When these situations occur, the client incurs upset costs that can total three times the original amount of the installation, not to mention major delays. Surface Master can help with these issues through the following methods;

  • Remove the Existing Flooring
  • Remove Adhesives
  • Remove the Existing Leveling Compound
  • Re-install the Leveling Compound to the Manufacturer’s Specifications.



We provide free estimates with no obligation to hire. We have acquired plenty of experience to provide a rough estimate onsite, or we can follow up with a detailed proposal.

  • Surveying the Floor
  • Providing a Floor Assessment
  • Onsite Consultation
  • No Charge Quote
  • No Charge Detailed Proposal

Please give us a call and let us meet with you to discuss the details of your project. We will provide all of the information that you will require in order to make a well -informed decision. Whether new construction or a renovation, whether residential, commercial, or retail, leveling a floor properly is an investment that requires both time and money, so don’t take any chances.


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